Just In Time Production


Working in partnership with one of Europe’s leading coachbuilders for over 20 years, has enabled us to gain in depth knowledge in the transport sector. We have spent time building an excellent relationship with all levels of the team during this time. When our client found themselves with a space problem they automatically turned to us to help find a solution.


Our customer required a larger manufacturing area, without having to build an extension to their current facility. Together we embarked on a collaborative process to come up with a solution to their problem. It was agreed that we kit direct to their line and it was something we were delighted to do. We were able to create additional storage space in our 80,000 sq ft factory to accommodate some more stock holding. The benefits were there for both our supplier and ourselves – Our supplier was able to reduce their stockholding, releasing space for new projects, and we were able to gain a greater visibility of our customer’s schedule, allowing us to batch orders more efficiently.


Developing our Just In Time delivery has enabled us to improve our internal processes – Our advanced IT systems are central to everything we do. We have developed an Electronic Data Interchange that allows us to ensure customer orders are imported in the most efficient manner. Linked to this is our unique schedule sharing software that allows us to amend delivery dates based on our customers demand schedule, and reduced the need to manually update any changes to schedules. Our development of traceability from raw material to finished component gives our customers the confidence to trust us a quality supplier of sub contracted components. Finally, our Advance Shipping notifications give our customers pre notification of incoming deliveries, so they can plan their production accordingly.

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