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Design for manufacture
We offer a variety of Design For Manufacture (DFM) solutions. These can be as simple as adding location etching onto child parts, or the creation of full engineering drawings and 3D models for your concept idea. The DFM process minimises the cost of ...
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Laser Technologies
Thanks to our in-house state-of-the-art laser technology, we are able to meet rapid lead times, cut production costs and increase accuracy across all laser cutting projects. With a 12KW fibre laser system, parts are flawlessly processed with a precis...
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Press Brakes
At Hutchinson we have invested in equipment, software, and training to ensure our press brakes are at the forefront of technology.
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Welding & Fabrication
Our fabrication services showcase our industry leading equipment, people, and processes. At Hutchinson, we manufacture hundreds of fabrications each month, ranging from 1 kg to 5 tonnes.
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Assembly & Kitting
Experience the benefits of subcontract assembly services with Hutchinson. Cut costs and boost efficiency by outsourcing your assembly tasks to our team of experts. Focus on your core competencies and strategic activities while we handle the nuts and ...
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At Hutchinson we realise the importance of a high-quality finish required for our customers across all sectors. We can offer a wide variety of finishes depending on requirements and application.
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Quality Systems
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Quality Systems
World-class clients deserve world-class quality standards, that's why we put quality at the heart of everything we do.
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Major Equipment
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Agriculture Project
At Hutchinson, we design and manufacture high integrity fabrications and complete assemblies for global machinery brands. We are dedicated to being th...
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Agri shear Grabs
Supporting global brands with world-class products across a range of sectors.
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Our long-standing relationship with Hutchinson is due to their focus on quality and their understanding of how we work. They are the best in their sector.
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