Contributing to a better world

Hutchinson is proactively working on its ESG strategy to create a sustainable future for our company, clients, and community. We have aligned our strategy around four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Decent work and economic growth (SDG 8), Climate action (SDG 13), Quality education (SDG 4), Reduced inequalities (SDG 10).

Our ESG strategy is comprised of four key pillars: Ethical Business; Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality; Valuing People; Social Value and Community.

Our journey to Net Zero

Reducing Scope 1 and 2 Carbon Emissions

Within the industries we work with, there is an increased focus on the impacts of climate change, and how to reduce companies’ carbon footprint. Download our latest report to learn how we reduced our energy consumption by 50% in 2022.

Hutchinson are so good across the board that we benchmark ourselves and our suppliers against them.
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