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The electric and hydrogen vehicle sector is buzzing with new innovative products and processes every day. At Hutchinson, we are delighted to be contributing to the upcoming replacement of traditional vehicles, bolstering the development and creation of accessible, reliable, and environmentally friendly transportation.

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Driving Hydrogen and Electric Vehicle Innovation

Hutchinson is a leading player in the hydrogen and electric vehicle sector, spearheading advancements in net zero public transport. Collaborating with industry leaders and academic institutions, we are revolutionizing transportation through innovative solutions.

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Ryan Gamble
Ryan Gamble
Business Development Specialist

We are part of an R&D project led by Wrightbus, our consortium includes Queen's University, Belfast, and Grayson Thermal Systems. With substantial funding from the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), we are accelerating the UK's transition to greener automotive technologies.

Our focus is on developing a universal chassis for zero-emission buses, used by Translink in Northern Ireland and transport providers in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. By standardizing the chassis to accommodate hydrogen, hybrid, and electric technologies, we are driving sustainable public transport on a global scale.

Hutchinson's expertise in precision manufacturing and innovation makes us an integral partner. We collaborate closely with consortium members to ensure manufacturing viability, covering concept design, efficiency, and supply chain modelling.

The APC's support and insights facilitate our progress in low carbon and net zero automotive technologies. Our project's outcomes and learnings will benefit the wider UK automotive industry, aiming for a sustainable transportation ecosystem.

Contact us for more information. We drive innovation in hydrogen and electric vehicle solutions for sustainable public transport.

Ask us about the future of clean transport

Hutchinson are working on next-generation electric and hydrogen vehicles that will be part of a global clean transport revolution. Talk to our innovators.

Hutchinson always deliver a quality product and service. Very high attention to detail, low defects and competitive pricing keep them high on our supplier roster.

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