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Find out why Europe’s leading Coachbuilders partner with us...

Subcontract Manufacturing for the Transportation Industry

We have been partnering with Europe’s Leading Coachbuilders for over 15 years, we supply metal components and fabrications to companies across the UK and Ireland, we are expert in chassis fabrication, we are well placed to help your company too.

Precision sheet metal fabrication supplier

The diversity of the metal products and components manufactured for various transport industries requires the full range of Hutchinson Sheet Metalwork's equipment and flexibility as well as stringent quality standards.Our capabilities include Laser cutting, Tube Laser, Folding, Fabrication and finishing. Our value added services include Kitting direct to the train, and JIT manufacture. Over the past 15 years our client has been able to rely on us completely, having received ISO9001, 14001, and 18001. This has enabled our customer to sell at the top end of the global market.

Specific fabrications include: Jig design and build, Chassis manufacture, Engine cradle assemblies, Wiper assemblies, and Direct Line Feed supply.

The Foundation of our relationships is Reliability

Flexibility has been key, with Hutchinson engineering quickly able to flex up or down depending on the customer’s requirements at that point in time. This has included the addition of night shifts and weekend shifts as required by the customer.

We are well aware of the financial pressures of the road transport and automotive industries, and have been able to utilise unique in house design capability which has been central to suggesting methods of alternative manufacture to help reduce costs.

Many orders are kitted by our highly experienced kitting team, who can collate orders specifically to our customer requirements, whether that’s as part of a sub assembly for ease of manufacture, or boxing and barcoding each item individually

All parts can be etched with a part number, and supplied with a barcode, for ease of identification by the customer

One Supplier One Solution.