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DFM ensures that the manufacturing process is considered from the very beginning. This is particularly important when producing fabrications, ensuring the final product is of the highest quality.

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We offer a variety of DFM solutions. These can be as simple as adding location etching onto child parts, or the creation of full engineering drawings and 3D models for your concept idea.

DFM helps to minimise the cost of production by identifying potential manufacturing problems early in the design process. Engineers can ensure that the final product will meet the required specifications and standards, reducing the risk of defects, improving the overall quality of the product, and ensuring consistency in the manufacturing process. 

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Jason McCullagh
Jason McCullagh

Engineers can ensure that the final product can be easily modified or customised as needed, enhancing design flexibility of the product, making it easier to adapt to changing customer needs and preferences. By identifying and addressing potential manufacturing issues early on, modification time is condensed drastically, lessening overall time-to-market for the final product. 

DFM aids in the reduction of the environmental impact by reducing waste. Engineers can minimise the amount of material waste and energy needed to produce the product, which in turn reduces its environmental footprint.

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