Survitec aimed to enter a new market by developing an innovative product to enhance their market presence and explore new commercial opportunities.



The objective was to design and launch a mechanism specifically for deploying rafts on offshore wind farms. This would require navigating the challenges of engineering a product robust enough to withstand harsh marine environments while being efficient and lightweight. Survitec needed to ensure that the new mechanism not only met stringent marine specifications but also maximised launch capacity for vessels. To achieve this ambitious goal, they sought the expertise of Hutchinson for design and development support.


Survitec and Hutchinson collaborated closely to bring this vision to life. Utilising advanced design tools such as Solidworks and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation, the team engineered a prototype that prioritised strength and minimal weight. The comprehensive design process included precise calculations and simulations to ensure the prototype could endure the demanding conditions of marine environments. The prototype was tested rigorously within a controlled 40ft container environment, allowing for accurate and detailed test analysis. This meticulous approach ensured the mechanism adhered to all necessary standards while optimising its performance and durability.


The collaboration between Survitec and Hutchinson yielded a successful prototype within a rapid 16-week timeline. The newly developed launch mechanism not only met the rigorous marine specifications but also demonstrated significant efficiency in maximising launch capacity. This advancement facilitated accurate cost modelling, enabling Survitec to refine their commercial strategy and accelerate their business model evolution. The successful project showcased Hutchinson’s expertise in design, FEA, and rapid prototyping, positioning both companies favourably in a competitive market segment. Survitec’s entry into the offshore wind farm market with this innovative product marked a significant milestone, opening new commercial opportunities and solidifying their market presence.

Key Contact
Ryan Gamble
Ryan Gamble
Business Development Specialist
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