“They do listen and care about your ideas”, those are the words of Gareth. This father of 4, started working for the company in 2014. Currently a team coordinator for the laser business unit, Gareth loves his job.

Nevertheless, his vision of his professional life wasn’t always that clear. When he was 16 years old, he didn’t know what he wanted to do and tried different jobs. He worked at a builders yard but the construction industry wasn’t reliable enough at that stage and he kept finding himself out of work. He managed to get a job driving a forklift at an engineering company, this gave him the opportunity to work closely with the engineers and sparked his interest. Shortly after, he registered with an agency and got a temporary contract with another company, although he was made permanent and was learning new skills, the company and the hours weren’t a great fit for him and his family, so when he got the chance to move closer to home and join us at Hutchinson Engineering he jumped at the chance.

Even though it meant initially going back to being a forklift driver, Gareth saw an opportunity to grow with the company. He was right, he quickly showed interest in laser cutting, was offered a role and fully trained. He became team leader 18months ago and is now responsible for planning capacity for the laser cutting business unit.

As a family organization, we understand the importance for our employees of having a balance between their home life and professional career.

It has been 4 years since our team coordinator joined the company. He explained that working for our company, has increased his passion for his job. He feels more pride each time that he faces a new challenge, which helps him to progress and feel valued within the company. Unlike previous companies he worked for, Gareth explained, “the boss is very approachable and often gives feedback about the company and how we are doing”.

Gareth also values the teambuilding activities that help create connections between the whole team, the last one was at Jungle NI.  We are conscious that our employees can help the company to progress. That’s why, we encourage forums where everyone can share ideas.

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