Using design-led solutions to deliver significant savings on cost and carbon

Transport has become an increasingly important cost factor for many businesses, both financially and for their carbon footprint. Optimisation of truck and container capacity is therefore vital to make sure that on each trip, we are transporting the maximum load possible.

Our in-house design team works proactively with clients to make sure we are capitalising on available space in all dispatches, keeping transport costs to a minimum where possible. We demonstrated this recently where we were sending component parts to a customer in England on a regular basis.

Our design team worked with the customer developing an innovative stillage system, allowing us to dramatically increase the number of products we could transport at one time. This resulted in over a 60% reduction in transport costs for our customer! This also had a significant impact in helping our client reduce their Scope 3 carbon emissions.

We are constantly focusing on continuous improvement across all our business functions. Contact us to discuss how we could be a strategic partner to your business.

Innovative stillage system transport Hutchinson Engineering 1
Innovative stillage system transport Hutchinson Engineering 2
Innovative stillage system transport Hutchinson Engineering 3

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