Ramping up our fabrication capacity!

We’re almost at the end of February and 2023 has started off in a whirlwind for us. To keep up with demand from customers, we have been very busy ramping up fabrication capacity by installing 8 new fabrication bays since the start of the year. We have more staff starting over the coming weeks and our factory is working 24 hours. The photos show the expansion in progress.

As a strategic supplier to several global brands, we are constantly working to global standards. This means investing in our staff by giving them the best training, tools and working conditions to allow them to deliver their best work.

We are busy on the R&D side too, with continuous improvement and innovation always major driving forces behind our business. Look out for more exciting announcements in the next few weeks.

Get in contact if you would like to find out more about how we can deliver for your business as a strategic supplier.

Fabrication at Hutchinson Engineering 2
Fabrication and welding facility at Hutchinson Engineering
Fabrication and welding equipment at Hutchinson Engineering

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