New Year, New Career!

Would you like to learn a new skill with one of Northern Ireland’s leading Sub-Contract Laser cutting manufacturing companies?

Join the Hutchinson Engineering Welding Academy now.

Hutchinson Engineering is offering job seekers—including those working among sectors hardest hit by COVID-19—the chance to kick start 2022 with a new career at its state-of-the-art headquarters in Kilrea, Northern Ireland.

Almost 2 years on and with the pandemic still here, it might be an ideal opportunity to rethink your career and consider a new role? Understanding the viable options and industries that are hiring and providing on-the-job training can help workers future-proof their careers.

The Hutchinson Engineering welding academy allows candidates to become skilled in welding while helping us address the ongoing shortage of skilled welders, and it helps us to build a pipeline of skills within our company and improve our ability to meet demand.

Gaining new skills together with a job opportunity at the end is an attractive route for jobseekers.

Our Welding Academy participants receive a fully blended practical training package and upon successful completion of the program, will achieve a recognised Manufactures Welding Procedure Qualification and a permanent position with Hutchinson Engineering.

When you become a trainee welder at Hutchinson Engineering, you will earn as you learn, and receive ongoing support from our experienced welding team, and when you join the team at Hutchinson Engineering, your new role will come with a lot of benefits, helping you gain personal and professional growth within the Engineering sector in Northern Ireland. These include:

  • Competitive rates of pay.
  • Extensive on-the-job training with an experienced team member.
  • Recognised Manufactures Welding Procedure Qualification Awarded.
  • World-class fabrication and equipment.
  • Opportunity to progress with an industry leader
  • State of the art facilities.
  • Clean Air facilities.

Give yourself a fresh start in 2022 with this new career opportunity!

Apply now or send your CV to HR@Hutchinson-Engineering.co.uk

*Closing Date 21st January 2022.

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