Major improvements in energy efficiency on our journey to net zero

Within the industries we work with, there is an increased focus on the impacts of climate change, and how to reduce companies’ carbon footprint. This was clearly demonstrated at this year’s Hillhead 2022 where decarbonisation was the main theme of the show. Companies were showcasing different initiatives there to try to reduce their carbon footprint, including the conversion to electric or hybrid machines.

At Hutchinson Engineering we are proactively working on reducing our Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions on our own journey to Net Zero.

We recently invested £4million in a new laser cutting machine which is significantly more energy efficient than previous machines, and installed an automated racking system which has allowed us to remove all manual operations such as forklifts from this part of our operations. This has meant we have succeeded in reducing our energy consumption by a whopping 50%!

This has been an important commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and we are partnering with clients and our supply chain to see how we can improve further.

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