Investing in our Management Team

At Hutchinson Engineering, we strongly believe in investing in our teams and helping them to develop new skills, and improve their Leadership skills. Our Senior Management Team (SMT) is currently studying to achieve an ILM Level 5 Certificate which is being delivered by Kathleen at Elite Training Ltd.

ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) is a professional membership body for leaders and managers in the UK. The training is being completed with the aim of moving forward with a fresh impetus, looking at how our SMT lead, how they can make improvements, and how they motivate their teams.

The course will provide our Senior Managers valuable training in leadership styles, teaching them how they adapt their style depending on circumstances, how they could improve their personal communication skills, and analyse emotional intelligence to develop and enhance teamwork. They will also learn to value performance and enable continuous improvement of their team.

On successful completion, our SMT will be presented with ILM Level 5 certificates but more importantly, they will gain ways to make evident and positive changes to management methods and outputs.

We wish our Senior Management Team all the best with the course and please make sure you all do your homework on time!

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