How robot automation can help solve the shortage of skilled welders

The shortage of qualified welders in our industry is well documented, so we are constantly looking at different ideas to address this issue.

One possible solution to this is the use of collaborative robots or ‘cobots’. Cobots are designed to work alongside the welders that a company already has, where they are put to work through automating repetitive tasks. This allows the welders to work on more sophisticated or value-added tasks. It can also lead to better efficiencies and productivity, as welders are working on more interesting tasks.

We have been collaborating with Northern Regional College on an exciting new project to see how we can utilise Robot Assisted Automated Welding. This process would give us the opportunity to automate some of our processes, using a robot to complete repetitive tasks. Check out the video to see how this works and the quality of the weld achievable using the robot. We’re looking at how we can capitalise on this innovative technology to increase efficiencies and provide better customer service.

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