Providing Quality
Laser Cutting Services

precision sheet laser cutting of:
mild steel, stainless steel,
aluminium, and hardox

Providing Quality
Laser Tube Services

3D laser cutting of:
pipe, box, channel,
and angle

Providing Quality
Folding Services

Highly accurate folding
of components
up to 4000mm long

Providing Quality
Fabrication Services

Aluminium, mild steel,
and stainless steel welding
mig and tig specialists

Providing Quality
Finishing Services

Powder coating, zinc plating,
galvanising, and wet paint
finishes available

Hutchinson Engineering

Hutchinson Engineering is one of the UK and Ireland’s leading sub contract laser and metal fabrication companies.

Operating from a 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility in Kilrea, County Londonderry Hutchinson Engineering uses the latest software for laser cutting and metal fabrication.

Offering the complete engineering solution, Hutchinson Engineering services include laser cutting, angle and tube cutting, steel bending and folding, fabrication, finishing, as well as product development and design.

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