When it comes to choosing a technology partner for your business, its always a critical decision, never more so than in the engineering sector where quality is a key requirement. Almost 20 years ago the team at Hutchinson Engineering opted to partner with Trumpf, the best in class. Our 60,000 sq ft facility is now home to: 4 Trumpf lasers and 6 Trumpf pressbrake machines, one of the largest suites of Trumpf technology in Ireland. Trumpf’s values very much align with ours as you can see in their mission statement below

TRUMPF MISSION Our mission is to further the development of production technology and make it more economical, precise, future-proof and networked. We are market and technology leaders in machine tools and lasers for industrial production and influence almost all industries with our innovations. Our software solutions are your path to the Smart Factory, enabled by highly innovative processes with industry electronics. Around 12,000 employees worldwide represent the performance and attitude of the TRUMPF family business.

Trumpf recently relaunched their ‘True Magazine’ and approached the Hutchinson team to be a part of it. We are delighted with the results and for a family business the timing was perfect coinciding with the 70th birthday celebrations of our founder Creighton Hutchinson. Please click here to read, or the image below, we would love to hear your feedback.