Noel Bell

Business Development Specialist

Noel is a highly accomplished Sales and Business Development professional with a focus on managing customers in the Material Handling, Municipal Vehicle, Recycling, and Construction Industries.

Noel builds and nurtures relationships with key personnel, keeping customers informed of new developments that can benefit their businesses, and driving growth within these sectors. Noel also actively seeks potential new business opportunities within these industries.

Noel's career path led him to the industry through his prior experience in sales within the Construction and Motor Trade Industries. He subsequently moved into the engineering sector, initially in procurement where he achieved the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) Level 4 Diploma. Noel then moved back into a sales role, where his experience in Procurement broadened his understanding and enriched his perspective as a sales professional, in exceeding customer expectations.

Noel's exceptional ability to forge meaningful connections, coupled with his sales acumen, enables him to drive business growth and create lasting value for his clients and the organisation. With a proven track record of sales achievements and a dedication to continuous professional development, Noel is a trusted partner in driving business success and fostering long-term relationships with customers.

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