Neville Glenn

IT Manager

Neville is an experienced IT Manager who oversees the IT infrastructure and software within the company. He plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of technology systems and supporting the organisation's digital needs.

Neville's career path in the IT industry began in 2009 when he started as a junior IT executive in a local manufacturing firm. While he briefly explored a role in a software house, Neville found that he preferred the tangible impact of working in the manufacturing industry, where he could be closely involved with the end-product.

Neville thrives on challenge and cites one of the highlights of his career as the development of a quotation system that significantly reduced the time required to generate quotes within the business. This system seamlessly integrates with multiple other software systems, enhancing usability and providing accurate cost reports.

Neville’s comprehensive understanding of IT infrastructure, software systems, and the manufacturing industry allows him to effectively align technology solutions with business objectives. His dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends and his commitment to delivering results make him a reliable and innovative leader within the company.

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