Mark Hutchinson


Mark is a highly accomplished CEO with a passion for leading and growing the business. In his role as CEO, he assumes overall responsibility for the running of the company, setting the vision for its future, and fostering the development of the directors and senior management team to achieve their goals. Mark thoroughly enjoys witnessing the personal and professional growth of individuals within the organisation, as well as networking and seeking out new opportunities.

Mark joined the family business after completing his A Levels, working alongside his father.

Mark finds the industry highly appealing due to its constant evolution, especially with the drive for net zero. He appreciates the strong interaction with people and the continuous technological advancements that shape the industry.

Taking over the business from his father who was his role model, stands out as a significant personal achievement, symbolising his dedication and commitment to the company's legacy. Seeing the company reach its 50th anniversary in 2021 was another memorable milestone.

Mark's professional growth was further recognized when he became a Chartered Director in 2022, highlighting his expertise and exemplary leadership. Mark values the golden rule of treating everyone as he would like to be treated, fostering a culture of respect and integrity.

Mark's authentic leadership, strategic vision, and dedication to the growth of the company have contributed to its success.

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