James Scullion

Financial Director

James is a highly skilled Finance Director with a diverse range of responsibilities and a strong track record in financial management. As the Finance Director, he plays a crucial role in overseeing various aspects of the company's financial operations.

James' key responsibilities include managing working capital, ensuring accurate costing, developing and maintaining robust controls, and providing financial reporting and analysis. He also takes charge of dealing with external stakeholders such as banks and auditors, as well as driving system development and improvement, particularly enterprise resource planning (ERP). James supports the commercial team and actively contributes to strategy development and deployment, leveraging his financial expertise to facilitate informed decision-making.

James has honed his finance skills in manufacturing companies, developing a specialisation in this sector. Following his tenure with larger companies, he sought to expand his experience within the SME environment, given the prevalence of such businesses in Northern Ireland. Throughout his career, James has achieved numerous highlights. Being part of the growth story at Hutchinson stands out as a significant accomplishment, witnessing and contributing to the company's progress.

With his comprehensive financial knowledge, strategic mindset, and experience across different industries, James brings immense value to his role as Finance Director. His ability to navigate complex financial landscapes, drive efficiencies, and support business growth makes him an invaluable asset to the company.

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