Gareth Peden

Purchasing Manager

Gareth is an accomplished Purchasing Manager with a wealth of experience in overseeing all purchasing activities for the company. His key responsibilities include supplier selection and development, cost savings and control, new product introduction and development, market research, and team management and development.

Gareth's career path in the industry started unexpectedly when he was asked to assist the purchasing team in his previous employment. Intrigued by the challenge of optimising the supply chain and aligning it with production demands, he quickly developed a passion for finding best value supply solutions. Two decades later, Gareth continues to thrive in the field, leveraging his expertise to contribute to the success of the company.

Gareth takes pride in his involvement with the Senior Management Team (SMT), where he actively contributes to shaping the future direction of the business. He enjoys mentoring and influencing the people around him, recognizing the value of nurturing talent and fostering growth.

Gareth's expertise in purchasing and supply chain management, combined with his strategic thinking and leadership abilities, has resulted in him playing a key role within the senior management team. Gareth’s commitment to cost savings, supplier relationships, and team development has resulted in a valuable contribution to company success.

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