Charlotte Artt

HR Manager

Charlotte is a seasoned HR Manager with a strong background in all aspects of HR and Training delivery, including policy development and compliance. She plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of HR operations within the company.

Demonstrating exceptional talent and dedication, Charlotte earned the position of HR Manager and became a valued member of the senior management team at the young age of 26. Her accomplishments and contributions have solidified her reputation as a capable and forward-thinking HR professional.

Charlotte has played an integral role in Hutchinson's attainment of IIP Gold accreditation, highlighting her commitment to fostering a positive and supportive work culture. She also plays a pivotal role in planning and executing key strands of the company’s ESG strategy.

With a passion for driving positive change within the company, Charlotte continues to use her expertise to support the company's goals and create an environment where employees can thrive.

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