Family, Ambition and Growth for 2018

Feb 14, 2018 | News

Is it too late to say Happy New Year?

Maybe….but we would like to wish all our customers a very successful 2018.

The news is full of how manufacturing is riding high at the moment, you could be fooled into thinking it all happened over night and it’s all simply a result of a weaker Sterling and the ‘Brexit effect’.

However there is rarely an overnight success, more often there have been years of hard work, investment and planning in order to grow. Last year we talked to you about Hutchinson’s as a family business, started by my father Creighton in 1971 and how our family values have enabled us to grow from a small agri –engineering business to a world class multi sector company. Our clients increasingly consist of large global OEM’s operating in the material’s handling, coach building and transportation sectors.

We offer a One Supplier, One Solution option for our clients that involves openness, commitment and partnership. This is not built up overnight. It is often said that family run business’s lack ambition, they get to a certain size and don’t know how to grow, not so at Hutchinson Engineering.

We spent a lot of time in 2017 professionalising our team and our structure in order to grow the business. Our Senior Management Team is now a strong group of 8 capable people, with only 2 family members. Everyone has clear goals and objectives for their area of responsibility with measures in place and is expected to report progress at our quarterly board meetings. All of our growth in 2017 was outside NI, with new clients in the UK and Ireland, the components manufactured ultimately distributed across Europe and America.

The Hutchinson Engineering workforce grew by 30% in 2017 and we plan for this to continue in 2018, along with a £1m spend on new equipment. We know who we want to do business with this year and the team will pursue all their goals relentlessly.

2017 was a year of getting back to basics – Asking customers what their requirements are, and aligning ourselves with these.

If you want to discuss your requirements, or call for a factory visit, please contact us.

Have a great 2018
We intend to

Mark & The Hutchinson Team

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