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12 Mar 2018

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Heather's Story

Heather has always been fascinated by cars and motorcycles. She has always had an interest in fixing things. Understandably, after A-level’s in Maths, Physics and Technology, Heather embarked on a degree in Mechanical Engineering, followed by Masters in Mechatronic Engineering, where she spent 6 months studying in Germany. Her placement year was spent working as a Lean Engineer for a medical firm in Galway.

Since graduating she has worked in Aerospace, Quality and Manufacturing. Experiencing different jobs and places has helped Heather understand what she really wants to do as a job, which type of organization she would like to work for and where. That’s the reason she started looking for another company. After applying for a position as a Manufacturing Engineer with Hutchinson’s and successfully passing the interview, she joined us in January.  

When Heather was asked why she decided to join the company, she said, “the company matches my expectations perfectly.  As a family organisation, the structure is smaller which has several advantages, everybody knows each other, it’s a friendly and clean environment, I have more responsibilities and the company is constantly investing, so there are always new projects to work on.”  She has recently bought a house, and believes that she found her place in the right company. Heather's story is proof that you don’t always have to go far away to find the job that matches your needs.

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