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Combining Folding and Laser Technology

We believe outsourcing single operations has reduced, quality and traceability and often increased lead times and costs. Hutchinson Engineering offers our clients a ‘One Supplier, One Solution’ approach. In- house capability for laser cutting, folding and fabrication enables much greater speed, flexibility and quality control, delivering more than a standard laser job shop.

The fastest press brake in the world

The Trumpf 7036 pressbrake is widely recognised as the fastest press machine in the world, due to its gearless electric drive, we use ours to process components up to 900mm long, which ideally suits the Medical and Aerospace sectors that we serve. Larger components of up to 4mtrs are processed on our higher tonnage machines for customers in the crushing and screening, Agricultural and Road Transport sectors. Hutchinson Engineering has a total of six pressbrake machines

Attention to detail and quality focus

Over the years we have built an extensive library of tooling, which includes tools suitable for a diverse range of applications from conveyors to enclosures and chassis components to medical devices. Attention to detail and focus on quality is key to dimensionally correct components, using offline programming to specify the tooling, radii and dimensions, allows the operator to manufacture the components efficiently and right first time. One Supplier, One Solution

One Supplier One Solution.