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The Tube Laser Experts

It’s almost 10 years since we started to search for a new way of processing box sections for our clients, we knew there had to be a better way, a more efficient way that would save both time and money. We researched the market and invested early, tube laser technology is now an integral part of our solution.

Speed & Precision combined

Tube laser is still an innovative technology. It removes the need for manual operations such as sawing and drilling, reducing the number of operations overall, it’s much more accurate and faster than traditional methods.

The quick changeover capability of our tube laser enables us to quickly move from one size of material to another, whatever the batch size. The specification of our tube laser also enables Hutchinson Engineering to offer a 3D bevel cut to facilitate weld preparation and the ability to process open section, including angle and channel in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

Our Tube Laser cutting technology is one of the fastest and most reliable machines in the world.


Designed for manufacture

We understand the financial pressures of todays economic environment. Part of our solution is to utilise our unique in house design capability to collaborate with clients and suggest methods of alternative manufacture to help reduce costs. Smart design decisions can eliminate multiple operations, reduce part count, enableing us to regularly save our clients up to 40%.

Hutchinson Engineering can also fabricate and finish your assemblies.

One Supplier One Solution.