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It’s not complete until it’s finished

When our design team start a project with our customers detail is crucial, we advise that even at this early stage the type of finishing that is required should be agreed. We offer a complete end to end service and this includes various finishing techniques, which will add durability, increase the aesthetics of your product and help promote your brand.

Colour, Colour & more Colour

Every successful company invests in developing and promoting their brand logo, colour is key to clients recognising and picking out your brand in a crowded market place, even if it is a 30 tonne dumper truck! A number of the finishing techniques we offer have literally no limitation on the colour that can be achieved, if you have a sample we can match it.

Quality, Durability & Good Value

At Hutchinson Engineering quality is central to everything we do and the finishing processes we offer are no exception. Our ISO9001 accreditation ensures our team operate and manage the process to the highest possible standards. We are proud to see products around the world that we helped to produce still looking good years after they left the factory.


One Supplier One Solution.