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How our design expertise can help to bring your innovation to market?

Design led sub-contract manufacturing

Our in house design capability includes design engineers with over 20 years experience across varied sectors including Aerospace, Agricultural, Materials handling and road transport. We believe our knowledge of design for manufacture is what makes the difference. Often our clients have been repeatedly told, their concept is impossible to achieve before they find us, but our ability to think differently delivers the impossible

Creative Ideas, Design and Innovation

With more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing within Hutchinson Engineering and working closely with our engineers we are able to manufacture prototypes and offer full production of your product – cutting cost and lead times.

Our experienced engineers utilise cutting-edge flat bed laser technology, sheet metal bending facilities, a comprehensive welding shop and tube laser technology ensuring quality, reliable and consistent products. Our design engineers use the latest Solidworks 3D software to build complex models that are used to identify any areas of stress or modifications required prior to prototyping enabling us to achieve better results.

The foundation of our relationship is our can do attitude

We can take a concept and work with you to develop it for market, we literally don’t like to say no, we love wrapping our minds around a new concept particularly when we are told its impossible!

Our design engineers will work through the development stage to bring your design to life. We understand the budget and time pressures facing our customers and our experience means we can rapidly turn around the development stage of your product. Our knowledge also stretches to finishing, so we can offer a wide range of finishes that can further enhance the aesthetics of your product. Including wet paint, zinc plating, galvanising, powder coating, and polishing to make your product more adept at dealing with its environment.

One Supplier One Solution.