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5 reasons the laser punch combination delivers

13 Mar 2017


The debate is on, laser or punch, or the two combined? Engineers always believe their solution is the best, we aren’t biased at Hutchinson Engineering we like to deal in certainty and facts so read on and discover 5 key reasons why we believe a combination machine is the best…

1. Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing’s ultimate goal is to handle the part as infrequently as possible, time is money, if the manufacturer has to pay for the ‘non-value added’ time to move a part from one operation to another, the component cost will go up.

2. Automation

Whilst laser cutting machines can run attended, an operator will eventually need to remove finished parts from a skeleton and many forget to consider this time-consuming task. Combination machines automate part sorting saving time, with the added benefit of scratch free processing.

3. Design Flexibility

Design led companies understand and benefit of the combination of laser and punch. The designer can take advantage of the best attributes of both technologies, the laser’s ability to produce a good quality edge and the punching heads ability to perform forming operations and eliminate the need for secondary ops.

4. Eliminate Operations

Eliminate operations from 5 down to 3 with corner lock tooling


5. Quality

The laser punch combination machine also adds value with improved quality. Gentle material handling with the programmable stripper force ensures excellent quality regardless of the material gauge. Exotic materials, such as Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass and Titanium can be processed scratch-free with Brush tables.

At Hutchinson engineering our Trumpf 6000 laser combination machine, with unique Argon Die, for zero splatter, is now installed and ready for production. It is the ideal solution for processing traditional and exotic metals. The combination of Laser and Punch ensures Forming, Folding, Countersinking and Tapping are completed in one operation. We can accommodate a maximum sheet size 3050 x 1600mm and process materials up to 8mm thick.

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